Monday, December 01, 2014

Do It Yourself Demo .. extra deco for a wedding

Throwback ...

21 September 2014. Accepted an invitation to do a wedding extra deco by a local wedding magazine Inspirasi Perkahwinan at Shah Alam Convention Center, Shah Alam. In conjunction of a Wedding Expo.

I chose to show deco props from recycled water bottles, news paper, broken cups, egg carton, fabric remnants. And displayed them as a deco for a guest book table.  Did some preparation a couple of days ahead. I was kind a nervous actually as it's been years since my last class.

Happy to go with my tool box which was a gift from Jua,  my best friend and my sewn apron.

The demo was supposed to be conducted at 2pm but since session before me took more time so my slot has been brought forward to 3pm. 

Can you see my butterflies in my stomach ??? hahah ..

Up on stage .. i think it was like a bullet train hahaha... just to keep me calm i invited the audience to join me. At least I was not talking alone. And it's more interesting to have it hands on.

Here are the deco props that i shared with the audience... Maybe i can do tutorial here in the blog too.

Newspaper balls glued on broken cup. Elegant and classic look right!

should you have remnants..dont just throw it away but clip it as a ribbon.
and i have that egg carton as the tray...

  • flower from recycled water bottles
  • flower balls from old news paper and book
  • flower balls stand from broken cups and bottle
  • frame from a jam bottle
  • fabric ribbon from remnants and wooden clips
  • extra deco from tree root and pearls

Alhamdulillah the demo went well and the lucky audience got the favors from me. 

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Handmade Door Gift done for a school reunion

Received a request from my former primary mate ( sekolah rendah gombak setia - yes, i was the former student in Gombak before moved to Petaling Jaya in 1986 ).  50 pax of twine coasters as a door gift for her secondary school reunion. 

Took me a few days to get it done with number of stages. From soaking the cotton twine, drying them  until the packaging stage. Oh ya ..A box consist of 4 coasters. Meaning 50pax x 4pcs = 200pcs manually done..yes, handmade :) ...

fyi, i soaked the cotton twine by using food coloring.

Colored the twine according to theme color of the event. I did 2pcs of  blue and 2pcs original color.

luckily it was sunny days to let them dried ...

oh that was my lunch during one of my days making coasters

Most of the work was done in Kuantan and two days before the delivery headed to Kuala Lumpur because i have another task to be done there. So, continue the unfinished work at my brother's place.

With sleepless nights... finally the coasters done ... and nicely packed in a transparent boxes.

    handwritten label and secured with cotton twine.

Should you need this kind of handmade gift kindly email / whatsapp to the following :-

p/s: I need at least a month before to place the order.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Because of Emerald ...

Emerald : A lively, radiant, lush green - the Color of the year 2013.

Even it's last year color .. the color somehow still blend in 2014.

was requested to do a few stalks of Bunga Telor. Gave 4 samples for client to choose. Alhamdulillah she chose the one with purple ribbon and flowers design. Just that i have to change the ribbon and flowers to Emerald color.

Faced a few hick ups due to shortage of supply and not so much of choices of Emerald flowers in Kuantan. Thus end up to a conclusion to used hues of green flowers and the ribbon going to be in Emerald.

The job was really based on trust ...and thanks Datin for your trust in me.  I just make the arrangement and deal with her Personal Assistant who's happened to be a good friend of mine. Which makes the deal much easier :)

tadaaaa .... the outcome !

The bouquets safely delivered at her office in Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur.

And very glad that she's really happy with the outcome. Thanks again Datin and Marisa.

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whatsapp : +6019-2057004
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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hantaran for Zayati and Zainol

The wedding was last week in Kuantan, Pahang.
I did for both the bride and the groom side.

from bride to groom :

theme chose - white and cream , yeah this time around used artificial flowers as requested.  used pillow and mirror  as the base. also one roll of pearl and a few rolls of off-white  satin polka dots ribbon with white organza ribbon for extra deco.

somehow with the mirror, it gave the glam look for the simple tray. from a simple deco to outstanding look.

as from the groom to the bride : chose pastel colors .. blend of soft pink, cream, white, gold and nude color. we keep it as sweet as we could.

and that gave the result of the happy bride.. congratulation Zeti. 

should any of you would like to have my touch for your wedding tray..pls contact me as below:
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IG : @safinazyusof

insyaAllah i'm available for Kuala Lumpur and Kuantan people !

Friday, August 29, 2014

D.I.Y work published for August 2014 issue in Inspirasi Perkahwinan.

The photoshoot was done just a few days before Ramadhan. Held at the Inspirasi Perkahwinan's Studio in Shah Alam. Before this the photoshoot were taken place at my requested area but for a change i agreed to make a way to their studio...once awhile. It's okay tho :) ..

here's some shoots .. behind the scene or behind the page heheheh ... sambung cerita from my last post 

And alhamdulillah thank you for the handsome outcome !

oh ya i forgot to attach the cover for August issue .. Hanis Zalikha.

come to think of's about time for me to have my compilation piece of my published work ever since my appearance in Inspirasi Perkahwinan and Pesona Pengantin magazine few years back.
Shall think of something..

For any of my readers out there who want to get in touch with me.. yes, fell free to write in to my contact details below :-

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okay... i want to make my self a cup of coffee ..i have another post later :) ..

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Custom made Pouches

It's sewing time again after such a long break ( break because of raya cookies je pun heheh ).

Received an order from Mak Ngah Noor for her niece's wedding on 23rd August in Batu Kikir, Negeri Sembilan.

Was asked to get 300pcs of pouches with cream and gold theme.

Had to rush after the hantaran week  and get the pouches done as fast as I could.  Cut 300pcs and get them edging in Kuala Lumpur.

But get them assembled in Kuantan. Hahaha... had 2 work stations just to get them done :) ..

Alhamdulillah... safely delivered and I guess they have been distributed to their guest during the ceremony this afternoon.

pouches done ...move on to the next project .. the hantaran.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Project after Ramadhan ..

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin ... hehehe...its almost over baru nak wish.

Been busy with Raya cookies project during Ramadhan .. balik kampung, visiting and all.  After all, alhamdulillah was great Ramadhan indeed.

A week after Raya, I had to rush back to Kuala Lumpur for a wedding task.  Small task actually. Wedding hantaran for a young couple.  Had to deliver the trays to Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

7 trays all together and used artificial flowers ( easier for me heheh )

  • Sirih Junjung
  • Mas Kahwin & Ring
  • Quran & Telekung
  • Handbag & Purse
  • Perfume
  • Watch
  • Cup Cakes

The groom's mom has requested to have Mas Kahwin to be arranged as the old days .. i.e.. kena la gubah instead of just display the notes inside the frame :) lets do the traditional way, fold the notes.

so...Tadaaaa ... it's been a long time after my last notes arrangement like this ..

Went off to deliver the trays around 630pm as the solemnization starts after Isyak.  Thanks to Suhairah and son for accompany me to Nilai. We had a great time yea ..

Thanks to Kak Aimi the groom's mom for having me as your hantaran decorator.  Till next project InsyaAllah.

To those who is interested to have my service for wedding deco please just drop your line to :-

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I'm available for KL & Kuantan people .. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak

Salam Ramadhan to all..hope it's not too late to wish all Muslims Selamat Berpuasa.

Alhamdulillah, Allah masih beri kesempatan untuk meraikan Ramadhan. Syukur.

As usual Ramadhan selain bulan ibadah .. feeding soul, my schedule is pack with rays cookies. Annual task I suppose.
Tak sempat pun advertise the cookies list.  Plus, a few hick ups pula this year.  I'm not able to get my Hawaian Coconut flakes on time. The stock yet to reached Malaysia ! Been waiting for months actually.  My 3 suppliers semua OUT OF STOCK.  Yes, I know most of my regular clients agak FRUST..but what can i do right.
But then syukur juga because I'm short of assistants too this year. So, it's fair if not lagi susah if I'm not able to deliver kan. We plan but Allah is the best, can't argue kan.

Right... just wanna share my Ramadhan so far...Alhamdulillah, feeling great each day. Busy month..catching up with all the requested task.  Raya cookies, wedding favors and hantaran queuing up my task list.

For Raya cookies this year, since shortage of hawaian coconut flakes thus, i have to cut most of the orders. But then i make sure they get 1 bottle each.  Just to be fair ..

My Raya cookies list this year :-

Hawaian Coconut
Pineapple Tart
Chocolate Chips
Badam Cookie
Sweet Pandan
Arabian Nite

While getting my cookies done with my 2 lovely assistants.. sold a few of my craft items too. Shall put on my IG profile ( @mycraftcottage and @safinazyusof )  soon..restock of mason jars.

Oh, lupa...bulan ramadhan juga adalah bulan rajin masak...errr yer ker? hahha... ya, for the 1st time i did well the Pandan Jelly..Agar-agar Pandan.  Since pokok pandan kat rumah ni dah menggunung tinggi, so i google a few recipe and i think this one awesomely nice ! ..

Give it a try !... Sedap :).. Done it twice this fasting month.

Okay, that's all my update for now.. need to check my hazelnuts in the oven. Catch you guys later.
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p/s: i have not update the other sample of bunga telor as mentioned in previous post.

Selamat Bersahur !

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Love is Blind ...

Ramadhan is approaching .. i'm hoping that i'll be able to do my very best during this coming holly month.

Oh ya..i'm suppose to deliver a few samples of bunga telor. Hopefully I'm able to get it done before Saturday :). .Since currently I'm in Kuantan so they should be on postal mode ..

As for theme they are looking for something greenish white ...or maybe greenish purple. Hues of green.
hmmm maybe i can suggest some combinations.

so i bought a few stuff from SSF , Small Garden .. quite pening when it comes in choosing colors hehehhe ...

so here's the 1st sample .. yang lain shall wait la yer ... Okay, will be back later ...
but i leave you with this love quote ..

"One day , someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.. "

Should need anything for wedding or raya cookies ..pls whatsapp me ya +60192047005

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Do It Your Self

Okay It's 32 degree celsius .. need fresh and cooler air. Hmm but let just quickly update this blog and head up for evening run shortly.

I'm looking forward for some good feedback pertaining my DIY recycled project with the local #wedding magazine. Hopefully it turns out OKAY.. 

The photoshoot took place last week at their studio..yeah it was my first time heading there..( they usually come and see this time around why not doing it at their place..quite pleasant getaway actually eventho pretty far hahahha ).

I was asked to provide some recycled materials / ideas that can be used for the future brides and grooms  on their wedding. And coincidently i was actually in my DIY mode.. kutip apa yang jumpa at since I'm into baking also so i collected egg cartons, tins, just use them !. Eh,  They just read my mind is it ??? 

So, i agreed to be featured in their next issue ..

Such a good feeling when you're able to work with a good team. Easy to work with.. Please don't get bored with me ! .. 

I've prepared some easy steps for all the viewers to follow InsyaAllah.. 
Should the viewers need hands on coach...hmm lets have WORKSHOP ! .. why not ya ... I'm happy to teach.

Okay... need to catch Asar...and head to the beach to run ... See ya when i see ya !!!