Monday, December 01, 2014

Do It Yourself Demo .. extra deco for a wedding

Throwback ...

21 September 2014. Accepted an invitation to do a wedding extra deco by a local wedding magazine Inspirasi Perkahwinan at Shah Alam Convention Center, Shah Alam. In conjunction of a Wedding Expo.

I chose to show deco props from recycled water bottles, news paper, broken cups, egg carton, fabric remnants. And displayed them as a deco for a guest book table.  Did some preparation a couple of days ahead. I was kind a nervous actually as it's been years since my last class.

Happy to go with my tool box which was a gift from Jua,  my best friend and my sewn apron.

The demo was supposed to be conducted at 2pm but since session before me took more time so my slot has been brought forward to 3pm. 

Can you see my butterflies in my stomach ??? hahah ..

Up on stage .. i think it was like a bullet train hahaha... just to keep me calm i invited the audience to join me. At least I was not talking alone. And it's more interesting to have it hands on.

Here are the deco props that i shared with the audience... Maybe i can do tutorial here in the blog too.

Newspaper balls glued on broken cup. Elegant and classic look right!

should you have remnants..dont just throw it away but clip it as a ribbon.
and i have that egg carton as the tray...

  • flower from recycled water bottles
  • flower balls from old news paper and book
  • flower balls stand from broken cups and bottle
  • frame from a jam bottle
  • fabric ribbon from remnants and wooden clips
  • extra deco from tree root and pearls

Alhamdulillah the demo went well and the lucky audience got the favors from me. 

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