Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Handmade Door Gift done for a school reunion

Received a request from my former primary mate ( sekolah rendah gombak setia - yes, i was the former student in Gombak before moved to Petaling Jaya in 1986 ).  50 pax of twine coasters as a door gift for her secondary school reunion. 

Took me a few days to get it done with number of stages. From soaking the cotton twine, drying them  until the packaging stage. Oh ya ..A box consist of 4 coasters. Meaning 50pax x 4pcs = 200pcs manually done..yes, handmade :) ...

fyi, i soaked the cotton twine by using food coloring.

Colored the twine according to theme color of the event. I did 2pcs of  blue and 2pcs original color.

luckily it was sunny days to let them dried ...

oh that was my lunch during one of my days making coasters

Most of the work was done in Kuantan and two days before the delivery headed to Kuala Lumpur because i have another task to be done there. So, continue the unfinished work at my brother's place.

With sleepless nights... finally the coasters done ... and nicely packed in a transparent boxes.

    handwritten label and secured with cotton twine.

Should you need this kind of handmade gift kindly email / whatsapp to the following :-

p/s: I need at least a month before to place the order.

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