Friday, August 29, 2014

D.I.Y work published for August 2014 issue in Inspirasi Perkahwinan.

The photoshoot was done just a few days before Ramadhan. Held at the Inspirasi Perkahwinan's Studio in Shah Alam. Before this the photoshoot were taken place at my requested area but for a change i agreed to make a way to their studio...once awhile. It's okay tho :) ..

here's some shoots .. behind the scene or behind the page heheheh ... sambung cerita from my last post 

And alhamdulillah thank you for the handsome outcome !

oh ya i forgot to attach the cover for August issue .. Hanis Zalikha.

come to think of's about time for me to have my compilation piece of my published work ever since my appearance in Inspirasi Perkahwinan and Pesona Pengantin magazine few years back.
Shall think of something..

For any of my readers out there who want to get in touch with me.. yes, fell free to write in to my contact details below :-

email :
whatsapp : +6019-2057004

okay... i want to make my self a cup of coffee ..i have another post later :) ..

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