Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some Centerpiece ideas in Inspirasi Perkahwinan June 2014

Alhamdulillah, my work has been published in Inspirasi Perkahwinan magazine for June 2014 issue.
The photoshoot was done somewhere last month. With all the hick ups the photoshoot was smoothly conducted.  Kinda routine to have last minute request for a photoshoot from them but I'm always open to provide materials for their magazine. More than happy to be part in contributing ideas to all readers out there.  Hope I'm able to reach their needs :) !..

for this issue I'm supposed to create a few centerpieces.  And i came out with a few deco centerpieces

and also take away centerpieces ( the guest can bring home the centerpiece ! - its easier for both the guest and the host ! - hassle free ) . I may suggest this concept for " Close " ceremony for close families and friends. .. if you have 1000 guests or more you might want to hire people to give the favors.

So help yourself to get the copy ... tq for IP team for always having me in their magazine.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bunga Pahar or Bunga Telur

Alhamdulillah they are all done. After long break I'm getting my fingers ready to get the Bunga Pahar or some called as Bunga Telur done.  The last bunga pahar was done a few years ago.

Received request from a lovely Auntie who I just met recently. The flowers are for her niece who is getting married next 8th June. She's looking for an off-white color of flower to fit the dias / pelamin.
Browsed a few wedding store to fine suitable flowers / materials to be used. End up found these off-white foam flowers in one of the shops in Kuantan.

Got home and cut all the required ribbons. quite number of rolls ... kejang juga tangan after so long didn't get in touch with the bunga telur thingy hahha...padan muka.!!!!

for final touch up i put small diamond to enhance some bling to the flowers.  All done and i shall pack them up and deliver to Kuala Lumpur .. ya I'm back and forth KL - Ktn ... get used to it already. Alhamdulillah even I'm here in Kuantan I still have my clients back in KL. and of course I love to serve them all.

I'll be off to KL tomorrow to pick up my order from Floristika...ya picking up fresh flowers for this weekend's wedding. FyI, fresh flowers in Kuantan mahal sangat. Rather go back to KL and get my supplies. And I'll be happy ...hehheh...

Okay, done for today...need to prepare some baking stuff tonite..