Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Letting go stocks

Hi there frens...

I'm restocking my craft items ...pls let me know should any of you interested to buy the following cute little thingy :)...

Alphabets Pencils

 Milky Moo Pencils

Kiddo Cloth Hanger


 Interested to have those for your lil kids ?...let me know :)

Coming Projects

Olla! ...

Hmm January dah nak masuk setengah bulan..Come on ...think of more projects...get ur head crack with some thinking ...Coming project...sewing a few number of pouches yang nk dijahit..thus got to get my sewing tools ready now...60pcs for Government office in Putrajaya, 10pcs for my sister's school in Chini, 5pcs for my cousin in law in Kuantan, 2 sling bag for my other cousins, for my friend in Penang, and some other clients..


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Baby Pail for Favor

Looking for cute baby pail for your wedding, party, baby shower, birthday favors ? . Here you are :) ...Take a look of cute lil pails in MPC collections.  I'll be working on the deco and the stuffing soon...and upload the pic for your view.

        Stock in Hand : 43pcs
Reserved : 20pcs - Datin Mary Cupcake


Wooden Box For Sale

New product from MPC. Wooden box suits for hantaran / present / hamper . May contact me for further details :).

And both casing comes in Black & White colour .
Size like the black colour box :   6 x 6 x 8.5 inch
Size like the white colour box :   6.5 x 9 x 4.3 inch

Friday, January 08, 2010

Erlyna & Fareez 12 December 2009

Million thanks to both Erlyna & Fareez for the trust given :)..
Still remember i got the 1st text from Erlyna..kinda last minute request but alhamdulillah, i do have a space for her ... Do view their both side hantaran and the wedding cake.

Yang paling i suka....hantaran from Fareez adalah my colour - olive green & dusky pink ribbon used...sgt suka...
And both of Erlyna & Fareez sangat lah mesra alam ...macam dah lama kenal. I like the story how they met again after such a long time terpisah...jumpa balik kat trafik lite..Erlyna tgh lintas jalan and betul2 depan kereta Fareez....there you go...Fareez terus mintak contact number ..tup tap tup tap...OK LETS NIKAH ! ...see how smooth & indah nya Allah punya takdir...I was so smiling all the way masa they told me the stories..still smiling till now ...Anyhow congrates to both!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Maya Ribbons

Hi there ...

Looking for nice design / plain ribbons ? check out my collections. Btw, I'm selling by meter. Please let me know in advance to place your order. Btw, I also do have satin ribbon which come in rolls.

    Size : 1cm

 Size : 1cm

                                                                       Size : 0.5 inch

Size : 1cm

                                     Size : 1cm

Size : 1cm

      Size : 0.5cm &1.5cm

Size : 1.6 cm-Burberry
Size : 1cm - Checked
Size: 0.5 - Small Checked

     Size : 0.5cm

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year Wedding Ceremony

Nice wedding tht I've attended. Grand opening wedding of 2010. Congrates to both of the bride and groom :)
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