Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ollaaaaaaa ..... I'm a contractor

Hello there ...

Just got chance to type in my blog... since my last update in Rompin. It's been a great day today.
Managed to get my 3D cake done ! ..

The request was from my sister's friend Hanim. She texted me the other day asking whether i do any .. 3D birthday cake or not. Well okay..something new that i can play with perhaps. She's looking for a number 3 cake as her son will be 3 this month. So, went to a few shops in Kuantan to find no 3 mold tin. And can't find any...they don't have it. Ok then so have to carve the cake ! ..

Kind of worry initially... freak out if the cake didn't turn out to be a perfect number 3 ...then i need to have a back up plan... Plus Hanim just leave everything to me to get the cake done.  So, I asked her what is Adam's favorite ?..

I was told that Adam loves truck, lorry, car ... anything to do with engine! .. Ahaa.... that is good enough. Since there's no number 3 mold around and the chances to get perfect number 3 is pretty slim so i've been thinking why don't i do a situation where a 3D number 3 being constructed.. an island !

Playing around with my little helpers!

Adam loves chocolate cake thus i baked him 2 recipes of my all time favourite chocolate cake.. just nice for a number 3.  Also bought some wafers, M&M chocolates and Oreos as additional deco for the cake..

Construction has just begin...

I used chocolate ganache to cover the whole cake .. Playing around with chocolates and wafers and used thread to hold and hang the wafers. 

I must say i pretty much happy to see the outcome. 

And Tadaaaaa ... here's the work in progress island ! 

Right thats about it ...

Hope it's something worth sharing ..
Okay I got to go .. another baking project to be done...cookies! ..

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Creative Photography Workshop

WHEN : 28th FEBRUARY 2015
TIME : 10am to 5pm

I am beyond excited to announce the first workshop of 2015, an all-day Hand Bouquet & Creative Photography in collaboration with Tap Women .

In this workshop we will be creating lush floral design bouquet turn into beautiful work of art as a romance to an event. And yes, you will be wearing the new handmade apron from me :)..

We will be creating a bridal bouquet from fresh flowers and 3 styles and designs for the bouquet handle. There are some tips to be shared as well. 

After a gourmet catered lunch, we will continue with photography class of the finished designs. We will learn awesome techniques via digital camera and smartphone. 

All materials and a gourmet lunch are included, and you get to keep the gorgeous bouquet  and the cool apron.
Space is limited. For more details please refer to the note below.

Handbouquet and Creative Photography Workshop on 28.2.2015
Arrange fresh flowers into a bouquet based on color, style & theme
3 styles & details of bouquet handles
Tips on how to hold a bouquet to slim you down
Tips on how to keep optimum freshness of the bouquets
Basic photography techniques
Compositions + Creative angle
Photo editing
Creating digital poster for social media
Fresh flowers turned hand-bouquet and lunch
Styling photoshoot using props
Apron by Safinaz Yusof