Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wedding Favor

Wedding Favor
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Again ..sample for Azreen for her wedding in May 2008.
Alhamdulilah she loves it so i'm doing it for 100pcs...

It's slightly shorter from the normal bunga telor seen in the market ..( of course i'm trying to be different from the rest la kan...hak cipta terpelihara heheh ) ..

And i'm imagining tht peoples holding a small bouquet in their hands walking off from the sweet ceremony..will be nice kan?...

hmmm ..nak berangan lagi la pas nih..:)

Wedding Favor - Azreen

Wedding Favor
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Sample was done for Azreen for the coming wedding day in May 2008.
Alhamdulillah, getting order from her for 50 pcs for the special guest.

Basically, it's a candle with a holder in a transparent box. Above all it's all about imagination and creativity to make it presentable and lovely isn't it ?...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Engagement Favor March 08

Engagement Favor
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Special request from a client to deco her egg box and bunga rampai.
80 boxes all together.

Managed to get the suit ribbon for her box and of course...with personalised thank you tag.

Travel Group Goodies

Travel Group Goodies
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Instead of wedding ... I do also cater goodies for Travel Agent.
To be given as a thank you token to their travelers.

Kinda interesting task as well.

And of course pretty much happy to do crafting and cute little stuff.

Sweet little candle for wedding favor

Wedding Favor
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Again...done for Faiz.

Don't u think the candles are sweet enough to be given to your guest of honor at your wedding ?

Would symbolize a brighter and sweet life ahead.... :)

Dramatic Sirih Junjung

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I really love this Sirih Junjung.

Personal touch for my brother's wedding last February 08.
Wild orchids, stargazer, jasmine, white peacock, Anthurium Hawaii...and of course Sirih and other spices like cinnamon, bunga cengkih...

Wedding Hantaran for Photoshot

Wedding Hantaran
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Done for a local magazine ..which I presume yet to be published ..hahhaha...been waiting to see this in market but dunno lah...haha

will update once the magazine is OUT.....

Wedding Favour

Wedding Favour
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Soap flower ...done for Faizah. Specially for the groom side.
Kinda pening at first on the colouring but alhamdulillah...pretty well done. Plus it's English concept so consider OK still.

If anybody wants something like let me know in advance coz this is really hand work will take awhile to do to be right timing....and of course let me know the quantity as well ya....

Hmmm...there's one of my flickr contacts called this as a romantic soap flower...ehhehe....

Dec 07 - wedding @ masjid wilayah

I'm actually updating my work story telling..heheh ..I think i left blogging since Dec 07...hmm teruk betul.

Dec 07 - helping out a good fren cum sister of mine..Kak Roslina Bakar. Gave a hand in preparing her brother's wed both @ Masjid Wilayah and also @ the Tabung Haji hall.

At least something to add in my profile kan :)

My 1st entry for the year 2008

OMG !!!...being ages for me to update my blog. Quite awhile huh..:)..
But somehow i do keep my updates up to date in my flickr tho :)..

Anyways...i'm pretty hectic to type in and tell my story telling ..duhhhh...excuses huh!..
What ever it is..Alhamdulillah..hectic means I got work :)'s good to keep urself busy...hope i'm right about that..heheh..

Okay...lets talk about 2008 then..for the past couple of months, alhamdulillah, got quite numbers of deals..My clients were my ex officemates ( recommendation from frens..kira like fren get fren la nih )..and of course still keep in touch with some of my ex officemates la kan...Others were from flickrs viewers, family frens and fren's clients...

Just finished big project last Sunday. Alhamdulillah all went well. Smooth sailing i suppose :)..
And of course a positive compliment from my client.

March 08...was really a hectic month for me..had 4 deals to get done. Inclusive last minute request..luckily managed to do it..:)..really tired but worth it..with a convinced comments and support had flush away my tiredness.

Coming projects will be in May, July, August, November....hmmm still got a few months vacant :).. me anyone ???? :)

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