Monday, July 20, 2009

Small Party @ Kota Damansara


Had enuf rest today after a tiring week. So many things to think and do.
I was so happy with yesterday's project ..get excited when and really look into it when Faiz called for this small project.. She's my eva loyal client..from her wedding day, cukur jambul for her son and now her small party for her son and shoot session.

Used fabric to get the hall turned into a small tent .. green and blue alwiz the nice combi after all, fresh pom pom flowers, scented candles does get the hall smells good. Took a few days to gather the whole idea, find stuffs...and i'm pretty happy with the outcome. Plus the guest also happy and commented " Faiz, is this your house ??? " ... Glad to hear isn't it :) . Oh ya, for Faiz's guest, I made a "flower tiara" as a party favor. Something for them to bring home.

Advert to those interested to hold a party feel free to dial my number ...
enjoy the whole party deco to my flickr for the pics people!!