Friday, July 15, 2011

Spring-Summer Hand Bouquets

Such a great feeling to be surrounded by warm and fresh colour of flowers.  I was asked to get 10 handbouquets done for a local wedding magazine for next coming issue. And now my house is full of flowers !  Most of the them are in summer colours.

Spring colors are clear and bright, just like the colors of a spring day. The sun is low on the horizon, so everything is imbued with the golden hues of the sun. The trees and grass have not yet matured, so they are tinged with yellow undertones and are a bright spring green color. Distinct yellow undertones impart a vibrant, electric appearance to everything. The colors of this season are truly like a spring bouquet of flowers enveloped in bright spring green leafy foliage: red-orange and coral tulips, bright yellow jonquils and daffodils.
The colors of this season are muted with blue undertones (think of looking at the scenery through a dusky summer haze). Late summer blossoms, a frothy ocean and white beaches are seen everywhere. Baby blue, slate blue, periwinkle, powder pink, seafoam green and slate grey are typical Summer colors.
Feel free to browse the recent handbouqets done
Main colour : YELLOW
Yellow + Orange
Yellow + Soft Yellow
Yellow + Green
Yellow + Fuchsia 
Yellow + Silver/Grey
Main Colour : GREEN 
Green + Carrot Orange
Green + Purple
Green + Purple

I just love all the colours..don't you ? .. it's so vibrant, fresh , bright.  May the colours should give rough idea and help  all  bride and groom to be out there in getting their right theme ease to work on other details .
So do choose your colour now ..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Up Coming Event

Almost a month preparing the next project. Pretty much hectic month and really looking forward to get it done smoothly.  Will keep on posting in the progress..........Pictures below showing the venue of the event .

Site Visit to the venue

Great moment

just would like to share the sweet picture that was captured during the Supplies Surprise Bazaar recently.
thanks to the photographer .. i like the picture very much !!!! ... do look for us should you guys need any craft materials....

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Event & Creative Bazaar

Looking forward for next event & creative bazaar which gonna be held at :-

1. Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya - URBANSCAPES   
    Date : 16th July 2011
    Time : 12noon - 12midnite

2. The Weld - Cut Out Creative Muse 
    Date : 17th July 2011
    Time : 11am - 7pm


Wedding Favor for Yati & Afiq 10th July 2011

200 pcs candle holder wrapped in organza with personalised thank you tag. Thanks to Yati & Afiq.. we just communicate via emails and sms-es. And finally we met last wednesday when I delivered the favors.

To both Yati & Afiq, good luck & congratulations on your big day this sunday ya !

Friday, July 08, 2011

Baking Order ~ Red Velvet Cake & Cuppies

Received Red Velvet order from a loyal client :) .. It's 1 whole Red Velvet Cake and 6 pcs of cuppies.
While the cake in the oven i occupied myself with getting the wedding favors done ( will update in another post ).  Best part i have red velvet to for my coffee break at night ! Awesome...

Wanna have some ?

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Retirement Favors

So here are the pics about the sewing job that make me awake the whole 24 hrs! .. actually it's not that bad to get the favors done but due to my errands, meetings, bazaar has eventually delay my production line hhehe .. the request was to make "Retirement Favor" for a teacher whom going to retire on 5th July 2011. Suggested for a small pouch with face towel and peanut candy to be given to all school staffs.
The design of the fabric differentiate the pouches  for female and female :)

and safely delivered to Kuantan, Pahang.

Thanks for the order !

Supplies Surprise Bazaar

Both Syam and I participated in Supplies Surprise Bazaar which was held at Bfree, Sunway last Saturday. Due to our busyness and other tied deadlines we didn't really focus in get the things done before hand.. only APA YANG ADA ajer lah.. Most of all pun it's networking. But we had fun even though my mind was somewhere else.. Spinning thinking about my goodie bags which yet to finished! ..

went home after Maghrib and continue sewing and didn't sleep the whole day .. nak catch up deadline punya pasal and got to be in Jerantut the next day...