Thursday, June 30, 2011

LittleSyam's Book Binding Workshop

The next morning after wedding in Tanjung Malim, head off to Pieces where my friend conducting Book Binding Workshop 7.

Had a great time there, even just hanging around, taking pictures..just to rest my mind. Pretty much headache with so many things inside my head..but somehow i felt quite relax with calm, nice ambiance at Pieces. Oh ya, Pieces is a furniture boutique own by 3 ladies . It's really fortunate for them to have a place like this...

Interested to join the book binding workshop ?.. do check out Little Syam's blog for next workshop and updates. 


Wedding in Tanjung Malim

Had 2 trips to Tanjung Malim last week. Had to prepare for my ex officemate's wedding. It was my 1st time ever to Tanjung Malim actually. Nice trip indeed.

As expected, a few hick ups here and there but alhamdulillah managed to over come :) ... fiuhhh ... I'm happy to see Mazlina and Martin smiling on their bid day .. Congrates to both of you !

Arrangement done
The happy bride
Congrates from MPC              

Tiring day and totally flat once reached home ...

DIY Tutorial in Pesona Pengantin July 2011

Hellloooooo .... i'm just buying my time before I continue with my sewing ( project which yet to finished heheh..i'm still find the right mood to continue..sigh ! ) ... anyway, I would like to share some of MPC's work in Pesona Pengantin. Some DIY favors with low budget !.

Brown Paper Bag

Using the paper ribbon as main material

It's so easy ! ..           

Please help yourself to follow the steps.... It's so easy, minimal cost and sweet . Should you need any info do let me know. I'll do my best to give a hand.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Terengganu Memorable Journey

Hi there..ya i know i didn't update my blog for a couple of weeks already.  I'm not sure myself if i'm fully recovered from Terengganu trip. It was all started early June when i was driving back from i can't remember where was heavy rain and i received a call for this job. From hand drawn sketches, meeting, phone calls, emails , day trip to venue and all i know it's less than a week from the function date !

But alhamdulillah, God's really kind enough to lead the direction despite hick ups and all last minute changes. Great challenge i would say. With supportive crew of course.  They were such a great team player.

Launching venue taken place at the Terrapuri Heritage Resort in Setui, Terengganu. Exclusively nice and peaceful remote area. Was informed that "Merong Mahawangsa" also being shoot here...phenomenal !

19th June - Actual day of the event where Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin launches the freshly rebranded Sultan Mizan 2011 Cup. With Coral as the theme which mirror the heritage and treasure of Terengganu as well as the horse ~ both are Nature’s treasures that need to be taken care of to ensure their survival; and both are vibrant and beautiful. 

The annual endurance challenge, the newly rebranded Sultan Mizan Cup, is organised jointly by the Terengganu State Government and Royal Terengganu Endurance Stables and will be held at Terengganu International Endurance Park, Lembah Bidong, Setiu, Terengganu from October 7 to 9, 2011.

So Terengganu watch out the competition which expecting 90 riders from 15 countries to compete at the 120 km CEI 2* Sultan Mizan Cup.

14th June- Day trip for site visit - Setting up the marque tent

some exotic area at Terrapuri

Among the deco

Deco done

New Sultan Mizan Cup Logo
Agung after the launching
Thanks Kak Wan Zaleha !

we are proud to be part of the launching team..tq for the invitation
now, Terengganu has's time to continue with wedding task for a lovely friend of mine wait for the updates !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Imran & Alda

It was a request from my best friend for her brother in law's wedding. We have been discussing since early of the year... :) ..well, we loved to visualize lots of things before come to the final decision :).

Assigned to deco the wedding hantaran, and also setting up table for Malay deserts.


Perfume & Make Up set

Sirih Junjung, Dowry, Ring, Neckles and Bunga Rampai in 1 tray


Patchi Chocs
Traditional vs Modern bites

Cream Puff

Congrates to Imran & Alda

Candy Land - Pastel Colour

Rite, before proceed with another task. Let me share recent task done.
Received a text from previous client. Last year was her wedding and now a surprise birthday candy land set up for her sister. Thanks to Atiyah and Auntie Muhaya for having me again. Pretty much last minute thingy..i had only 1 solid day (24hrs)plus minus sleep hrs~ to get all done!!! .. alhamdulillah managed to get everything all set!

Items :-
Apam Polkadots
Personalised Mini Bar
Cake Pops
Jelly Beans
Peanut Candy

Mixture of pastel colours

Tit bits

Professor Muhaya, Sofiya and I
Thank you ..

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Happy Anniversary to Akmal & Wanna

A year ago June 06,2010.. Maya Puri Creations was assigned to get the hantaran, wedding favor, bunga pahar done. And little touch up of the bedroom. Thanks for the trust given.  And welcome on board to their new born baby Iman Zara. Hope the happiness will always be with you. May Allah give his blessing. Happy Anniversary !!! ..

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Friday, June 03, 2011

Maya Puri Creations in New Straits Times dated Monday 30 May 2011

23rd May 2011, received a call from NST's writter asking permission to do some cover story about Maya Puri Creations. Pretty much on the technology part as how MPC use the technology in getting the work done. Kinda wonder ..i am to small to be interviewed by the giant newspaper in the country. But somehow, the request was accepted with an open heart.

So the interview was held at my place on the next day. Had a good time with the writter Siti Syameen and the photographer ( oh man i forgot his name..but his kinda kelakar jugak la ) ..Started around 1530hrs and finished at almost 1730hrs.

30th May 2011...the article on paper .. i didn't know until received a text from a friend congratulating the appearance..was only able to get the paper in the evening ( was here and there since morning ).

The article in soft copy version :

Thanks Syameen ..