Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hari Belia 2011 at Lorong Seni, Wisma KBS

It was a great, fun and tiring 3 days..get cuppies order done and also be in bazaar at Lorong Seni, Wisma KBS in between the baking. Thanks toSyam and my sister Syima being there when i was fully occupied with cuppies.

Cuppies done for my 2 great friends ( Tengku Izan & Raja Azlin ) for engagement and cukur jambul event respectively.

 Engagement cuppies

120 pcs Cukur Jambul cuppies

meanwhile ....

Baking done and off to venue for the 2nd and 3rd day of Youth Day..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Being requested by my cousin to sew her Kimono Sling Bag. Before this MPC only producing Kimono Clutch but somehow after a few request and comments received from buyers and viewers ~ why don't make another version of Kimono .. ya why not .. after all customer is always right...

So, after i bought the necessary gadgets... so here you are ... ( pictures : courtesy of Yaya Magicshawl ) ..

More to produce after this...Stay tune !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Getting ready ...

a bit panic ... i have only 4 days left before the Youth Day 2011 in Putrajaya.. still lot more to go .. it's really here and there..one part here one part there .. semua sikit2 ... bila nk siap kann ... and i have baking job in between as well .. hope i can get everything all in order .. pray for me ...

Will update once ready and done !

Deco - Engagement Ceremony - Section 3, Bandar Baru Bangi

20th May 2011 - Set up was done at 9.00 pm... till almost 11pm. Prior to that, I had such a hectic move since morning.
Went to Wangsa Maju at 9am , to Pandan Jaya at 1130 am , to Seri Kembangan at 1230, to Selayang at 1.00pm , to Damansara at 2pm , back to Seri Kembangan at 530pm , out again ....to Bangi at 8.00pm ...

Okie back to the decoration done...here's the pic of the outcome ..

oh ya ..i had my lunch at 1130 pm ..crazy !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Red Velvet for my coffee break

After sending of client's frames this morning in Kota Damansara , drove ahead to Sri Damansara coz I just had a feeling to do some baking today and had a good time to get the baking stuff at HOI  . Well, since next week i have baking order to be done so might as well get the things ready.

Once reached home, head to my kitchen to prepare the ingredients mainly flour, egg, buttermilk,apple cider, cocoa powder, sugar, cream cheese, red colouring, baking soda, salt, vege oil, cake tin etc...

So, here's my coffee time dessert for the day ... while watching the evening drama show ...

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Stool for Engagement Ceremony - Rental Item

Hey there ..

Some update .. i'm renting out our new stool for engagement ceremony. Let me know shall you want to rent it for your big day ..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 in 1 reversed Hold Everything Bag

Been thinking about it for quite sometimes after a fren of mine gave me her brilliant idea.
Still in WIP and R&D stage..so this piece is not for sale. Will up for sale once finalised.

Meanwhile..take a look the sneak preview ..

 May use in 3 ways

1 - Printed
2 - Reverse the lining
3 - Fold and button up the strap

 Reverse the lining and pin bag accessory at desired area - as sample i pinned near the pocket

Button up for the 3rd way using the bag

Hope this bag will be hot stuff for sale ..

Made to Order - Placemats & Coasters

Done last nite and to be delivered today ...hope she'll be happy.

1st May 2011 - It's my Birthday ..!!

Thanks to all my beloved family members !! ...Okay I'm old now  !!! ....

Creative Indulgence - Bangkok April 2011

Thanks to my beloved sisters..Sham, Redzlina & Gigie for the lovely trip that we had last April. It was fun ! .. Something that we really looked forward for quite sometimes ... We safely arrived on 22nd April 2011. We checked in at Baan Sabai GuestHouse somewhere around Khao San road. 1st impression ..very clean! .. love to see the tiles ..
Room ?...good conditon and yes CLEAN .. just nice with 2 single beds, aircond and attached bathroom ( also CLEAN ) suits the price of course !.

Once checked in,we went out and have evening walk at the market near by..something like Petaling Street..err perhaps not heheh ... so much stuff that u may find ..and you'll be surprise to see a few nice place in between the building..like a hidden garden / treasure and the deco...phenomenal !!! ..

2nd day off to Bangkok International Fashion/Leather , Gift and Houseware Fair  .. make me crazy !! ..how i wish i can get most of the stuff there.

3rd Day ... to Chatuchak Market - Weekend Market ...oh no another crazy place..it was a very hot day ..you name it, they have it...managed to get some craft materials.  TEH TARIK pun ada...lupa pulak to take the teh tarik man punya photo...boleh tahan tinggi tariknya..pandai cakap melayu..rupanya used to work in KL..right, no wonder !..since panas sgt, chose to have coconut ice cream..yummy !!

4th day - DEMAM day ... but still okay for free & easy day. Had a chance to pusing2 the city center. Went to Emporium, Siam Paragon, hmmm and i can't remember where .. too weak to remember places that i visited. But ya, had a great tea time tho ! ..

At nite, didn't go anywhere..except rest and slept early..the rest went out for last minute shopping..me ?...hanya tidur layan demam !! ...

5th Day - departure day ... above all, it was a great trip !!! ...