Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Hand Bouquets

In the midst of getting 3 hand bouquets done for a bride this february.

and she chose the following color pallet .. from my searched at theperfectpaletteblog

flowers used 

shall post more pictures when all the bouquets done. Only 80% done as the laces and ribbons in my dad's car huhuhuh ... and i have another flower arrangement for her .. for the guest book table. Stay tune!

Wedding of Phoebe and Wai Hong

6th January 2013

Such an honored to be part of my former classmate from Sri Aman, Phoebe and her partner Wai Hong for their wedding reception.

the bride and I

Venue was taken place at the private dining and exclusive restaurant in Yap Kwan Seng, Passion Road

Job assigned :
Escort Pebbles table - for sitting arrangement
Ring Pillow

Theme for the day :
Lilac and White

So, come lets see the pictures on the setting up day ...

Hand written guest name on the pebbles.

Pebbles also at the main table

for the bride and groom

the other deco done by Passion Road

The entrance

Corsages and Ring Pillow done by Maya Puri Creations

Lace and organza corsages
Specially embroidered for the couple

May Happiness always be on your side .. Congratulations Phoebe and Wai Hong.


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year Entry ... 2013

Olla 2013 ..
oh, I'm 24 hrs late hahaha... Anyway, been busy with sewing curtain on 1st day of new year.. so, only now manage to update the new year entry ..

To start with ..

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Look out for these pages :)


ok..i didn't expect to see this page:) .. scary header !!..

Behind the scent of the above pages...thanks Emi & Chikam ...

ok... good nite ! that's all for today .. will continue with another post tomorrow InsyaAllah..( as tomorrow will be my traveling day tk penat update lah :)