Thursday, June 26, 2014

Love is Blind ...

Ramadhan is approaching .. i'm hoping that i'll be able to do my very best during this coming holly month.

Oh ya..i'm suppose to deliver a few samples of bunga telor. Hopefully I'm able to get it done before Saturday :). .Since currently I'm in Kuantan so they should be on postal mode ..

As for theme they are looking for something greenish white ...or maybe greenish purple. Hues of green.
hmmm maybe i can suggest some combinations.

so i bought a few stuff from SSF , Small Garden .. quite pening when it comes in choosing colors hehehhe ...

so here's the 1st sample .. yang lain shall wait la yer ... Okay, will be back later ...
but i leave you with this love quote ..

"One day , someone will walk into your life and make you see why it never worked out with anyone else.. "

Should need anything for wedding or raya cookies ..pls whatsapp me ya +60192047005

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Do It Your Self

Okay It's 32 degree celsius .. need fresh and cooler air. Hmm but let just quickly update this blog and head up for evening run shortly.

I'm looking forward for some good feedback pertaining my DIY recycled project with the local #wedding magazine. Hopefully it turns out OKAY.. 

The photoshoot took place last week at their studio..yeah it was my first time heading there..( they usually come and see this time around why not doing it at their place..quite pleasant getaway actually eventho pretty far hahahha ).

I was asked to provide some recycled materials / ideas that can be used for the future brides and grooms  on their wedding. And coincidently i was actually in my DIY mode.. kutip apa yang jumpa at since I'm into baking also so i collected egg cartons, tins, just use them !. Eh,  They just read my mind is it ??? 

So, i agreed to be featured in their next issue ..

Such a good feeling when you're able to work with a good team. Easy to work with.. Please don't get bored with me ! .. 

I've prepared some easy steps for all the viewers to follow InsyaAllah.. 
Should the viewers need hands on coach...hmm lets have WORKSHOP ! .. why not ya ... I'm happy to teach.

Okay... need to catch Asar...and head to the beach to run ... See ya when i see ya !!!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hantaran, Hand Bouquet and Wedding Cake

Delayed posting .. as usual :) .

Would love to share my work last May 2014. Done a few deco for my brother's wedding.
I chose  LESS is MORE concept ... white roses, eustoma, and okay i forgot the name of the purple flowers used for the hantaran. to enhance the sophisticated look, a few dangling silver chain were put along the tray.  and small cuts mirror stand .. i love it !

if you look closely's actually 1 tray consist of 3 things : Quran, Ring and also the Mas Kahwin. 

thats for my brother.. and i got a request from my SIL ( Sister in Law ) to do her hand bouquet and wedding cake..requested to have carrot cake which is her favorite .. For the cake, made an attempt to use my soap flower skill for the sugar flowers.. ya, i don't go for cake deco classes. It's all suka hati taram jer ..hahahah ... but i think it turned out lovely. My auntie complimented it as Enchanted Carrot Cake :) ..

Alhamdulillah the wedding went well and hope Allah s.w.t shower them with all his blessing. Ameen.