Thursday, January 22, 2015

Welcoming 2015 with an open heart

Alhamdulillah ... bright 2015 so far.  Happy New Year to everyone. Yes, I know it's almost February :)

Let me just share with you my 2015 progress.

Being part of Wedding Cover Magazine and columnist for January 2015 issue .

Here's the cover. Had my small contribution - a pair of handmade cushion.

Details :-

Magazine : Inspirasi Perkahwinan
Theme : English Wall Paper
Whole deco & Bouquet : Wedding by Emma
Handmade Bloom Cushions : Safinaz Yusof
Model : Mila Jirin ( Reality TV artist - Akademi Fantasia )

See that bloom cushion ? .. Specially handmade by me. Bring an element for entire deco

Introducing the team that had put so much effort in making sure the cover turn out great.

Humble Mila .. nice to meet you girl!

I also did share on "how to do" the bloom cushions with the readers.  It was a last minute request from the journalist, i just provide them with my Instagram notes ! I may need to share it here soon.
My fabric flowers was done a few days ahead before the photo shoot took place.

the cushion is open for pre-order

As you flip thru a few more pages you may find my other contribution. There's two Sirih Junjung arrangement shared.  Combining modern and classic fresh flowers for the first arrangement. And modern look for the second arrangement. Was asked to arrange them in a small basket.

The Polianthes Tuberosa "Harum Sundal Malam" and Roses mixture of classic and modern Sirih Junjung

The next arrangement i simply used hydrangea and baby breath. And by adding peach color ribbon it somehow give soft touch to the entire arrangement. As you can see i chose natural color pallet.

I was also given one more column to share my thoughts on 2015 wedding favors trend. Hope the readers will gain some input and rough idea for their coming wedding. ( eventho the notes that i emailed has been edited hahaha ). I might share my original note in the blog soon too.

oh i don't quite like the profile picture tho hahaha...  i look big!

Not bad for a new start yeah!
InsyaAllah more projects to come and bring colorful 2015 ahead ..Please stay with me for more updates. Can't wait to share with all of you !


p/s : No matter how you feel, GET UP, DRESS UP & FIGHT for your dreams ! Happy 2015...

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