Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hantaran, Hand Bouquet and Wedding Cake

Delayed posting .. as usual :) .

Would love to share my work last May 2014. Done a few deco for my brother's wedding.
I chose  LESS is MORE concept ... white roses, eustoma, and okay i forgot the name of the purple flowers used for the hantaran. to enhance the sophisticated look, a few dangling silver chain were put along the tray.  and small cuts mirror stand .. i love it !

if you look closely's actually 1 tray consist of 3 things : Quran, Ring and also the Mas Kahwin. 

thats for my brother.. and i got a request from my SIL ( Sister in Law ) to do her hand bouquet and wedding cake..requested to have carrot cake which is her favorite .. For the cake, made an attempt to use my soap flower skill for the sugar flowers.. ya, i don't go for cake deco classes. It's all suka hati taram jer ..hahahah ... but i think it turned out lovely. My auntie complimented it as Enchanted Carrot Cake :) ..

Alhamdulillah the wedding went well and hope Allah s.w.t shower them with all his blessing. Ameen.

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