Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Journey ..

It's been a colorful 2012 year for me. Full of happiness, laughter, emotionally unstable and lead to sorrow..
Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for what you have given us.  Please bless us every second of this precious life.

I wasn't really focus on work in 2012 , i just do what ever i think i can and able to do as was busy traveling from KL to Kuantan for the family especially my late mum until I decided to move in with mum and dad. Eventho i'm not able to focus at work but I was much happier to be with my mum till her last breath. And now I miss her every minute. Will never forget Friday 12 October 2012 the last day i spoke to my mum :( and I can't hear her voice anymore..May Allah grant the best for her and she'll be placed in Jannah, InsyaAllah. Al-Fatihah.

I'm still struggling to face the world without my mum. Alhamdulillah, I have the rest of other family members to give me full support to make sure MPC to grow well one day.
I've so much dream for MPC, and really hope for a smooth sailing. 

So, looking back 2012's journey..

Alhamdulillah participated in sharing ideas with local magazines readers.. 

Featured in January 2012 Pesona Pengantin.

May 2012 for new local wedding magazine Inspirasi Perkahwinan

Found again in Pesona Pengantin issue - credit was given by my client ..Thanks Dr Liana
Done her nikah area and hantaran.

And more in Inspirasi Perkahwinan August 2012 issue 

Some wedding work done 

And not forgetting the craft work. Didn't take so much order this year but sempat juga la capai the sewing machine.

interior work for a cafe.

Shame to mention that I have a few pending craft / sewing work to be accomplished. InsyaAllah, shall get all the request done accordingly ( hope people understand I'm yet to recover from the grief )..

With that, MPC welcoming 2013 which shall enter in a few hours time from now with high hope and full of success. InsyaAllah. Not forgetting a better me as a person, I have to see myself consistently penuhi tuntutan ibadah as a Muslim. 

Thanks to everyone out there , who's being there for Maya Puri Creations..especially to the family members, friends, followers, and not forgetting the print media journalist for the great exposure and write up. Thanks heaps !!! ..

Good Bye 2012 and Welcome 2013 ..!!!!

Safinaz Yusof


Dilla mohd noor said...

Fie...u will be and have always been a strong person. Arwah bonda was so blessed to have a daughter like u. Have a wonderful year ahead of u my dear....- dilla mohd noor-

Dilla mohd noor said...
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Maya Puri Creations said...

thank you kak dilla. hope u have a wonderful year too :) ..