Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year Entry ... 2013

Olla 2013 ..
oh, I'm 24 hrs late hahaha... Anyway, been busy with sewing curtain on 1st day of new year.. so, only now manage to update the new year entry ..

To start with ..

DISCOUNT FROM MAYA PURI CREATIONS .. :) wink wink wink :) ..
How to get the discount...? Kindly proceed to book store ( hope belum sold out ) and purchase January 2013 issue of Inspirasi Perkahwinan and look for DISCOUNT COUPON from MPC featured pages. Do send me the ORIGINAL coupon and if you are among the 1st 10 readers you are ENTITLE to get the discount ( Terms & Conditions Apply ).

Look out for these pages :)


ok..i didn't expect to see this page:) .. scary header !!..

Behind the scent of the above pages...thanks Emi & Chikam ...

ok... good nite ! that's all for today .. will continue with another post tomorrow InsyaAllah..( as tomorrow will be my traveling day tk penat update lah :)

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