Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sarala Menon's Wedding Deco

Venue : Damansara Jaya
Date : 16th November 2012
Daughter of Mr and Mrs Menon.
Task : Crisp Bar, Bridal Room,Stairs Deco,Bouquet for living room area, Hand Bouquet.

Glad to be part in preparing deco project for the daughter of my former secondary school teacher.
Didn't see her since i left Sri Aman i.e. 1993 .. and now she's engaging me to get some deco done for her only daughter :).

It was just a minimalist deco for the house. They prefer to keep it simple as possible thus you'll see from the pic below not so much adding up here and there .. Congratulations to the family for the new addition. :)

CRISP BAR - Indian Munchies

BRIDAL ROOM - Instead of queen size bed, due to some reason we decorated day bed ..

Some corner of the house

Brooch Bouquet for Sarala.

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