Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tiramisu & Sugar Cookie Day

pretty much hectic today.. been busy since got up this morning. After done with my mum, got my self ready for baking. Received Sugar Cookie order yesterday from a loyal client of mine :) ... She loves to have my sugar cookies at any time. Had 50pcs baked. And shall ice the cookies next morning. Just wanna rest tonite and browsing thru the net.

oh ya, in between the baking time.. managed to slot a few minutes for Tiramisu. was so happy today. don't even plan to open order for Tiramisu but Allah is great. 2 case of Tiramisu done and delivered today.!!..

to those who wanna have a taste of my Tiramisu, please don't be shy to contact me hehehe ...

feed your eyes with pic below !! :)

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