Friday, October 12, 2012

The simplest way to ice your sugar cookie ..

it was a good thursday .. a baking day i would say :) .. had tiramisu done, iced the sugar cookies.

i presume you might wanna know how do i ice my sugar cookies. come, let me show u how ...

steps to do :-
  1. get your baked heart shape cookie
  2. make outline of your desired design with royal icing, let it set for awhile
  3. once the outline set, ice the middle area of the heart shape
  4. sprinkle colored rice to spice up the look :)
  5. once your royal icing dry and set, line a doily paper as an additional / optional deco
  6. put cookie with doily paper in a transparent plastic casing, seal and to make it sweeter, tie up with a satin ribbon.

have a go ...

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