Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ollaaaaaaa ..... I'm a contractor

Hello there ...

Just got chance to type in my blog... since my last update in Rompin. It's been a great day today.
Managed to get my 3D cake done ! ..

The request was from my sister's friend Hanim. She texted me the other day asking whether i do any .. 3D birthday cake or not. Well okay..something new that i can play with perhaps. She's looking for a number 3 cake as her son will be 3 this month. So, went to a few shops in Kuantan to find no 3 mold tin. And can't find any...they don't have it. Ok then so have to carve the cake ! ..

Kind of worry initially... freak out if the cake didn't turn out to be a perfect number 3 ...then i need to have a back up plan... Plus Hanim just leave everything to me to get the cake done.  So, I asked her what is Adam's favorite ?..

I was told that Adam loves truck, lorry, car ... anything to do with engine! .. Ahaa.... that is good enough. Since there's no number 3 mold around and the chances to get perfect number 3 is pretty slim so i've been thinking why don't i do a situation where a 3D number 3 being constructed.. an island !

Playing around with my little helpers!

Adam loves chocolate cake thus i baked him 2 recipes of my all time favourite chocolate cake.. just nice for a number 3.  Also bought some wafers, M&M chocolates and Oreos as additional deco for the cake..

Construction has just begin...

I used chocolate ganache to cover the whole cake .. Playing around with chocolates and wafers and used thread to hold and hang the wafers. 

I must say i pretty much happy to see the outcome. 

And Tadaaaaa ... here's the work in progress island ! 

Right thats about it ...

Hope it's something worth sharing ..
Okay I got to go .. another baking project to be done...cookies! ..

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