Monday, October 11, 2010

Wedding of Datin Raha's Son

I'm still having flu and a bit fever ... but somehow still wanna put some updates in my blog .. it's okay just update jer not do anything berat pun ...

Anyway, the other week I update about Datin Raha's daughter punya engagement..and this post is about her son pulak ...concept sama cuma ada kerusi jer ...heheheh ... since the gab tak lama so she wanted to use the same thing cuma some added value here and there 1st I wanna have the sofa to be slanted to the right and the flower arrangement at the left corner of the sofa..hmm can't do it tho ..due to space constraint jadi jer la like the one in the pic ...*sigh*

Was at her place pretty petang almost maghrib due to hujan and all ... and i have to do all the pick ups ... fresh flowers and the stage .. quite hectic ... and yes, I'm doing it own my own ... only at certain peak stop, my so called project partner assist me to carry those heavy stuffs...thanks Dida .. please help yourself in viewing the pics ya ...

Oh ya ...reached home at almost 1am and totally kaput but puas hati ... :)

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