Friday, October 08, 2010

Wedding Favor & Wedding Accesories 101010

101010 .... most of couples looking forward to tie their knots on this date.  And I'm pretty much involve for the said date as well.

Andreas & Kaby is one of them.  Kaby who is happen to be my fren's best 'adik angkat' and been liaising with me since March 2010.  We have been communicating via emails since she is far far away in Norway. 

After all the panjang lebar emails and pictures sent .. we have agreed for the below wedding favor and other wedding accessories.

It was a great journey and my 1st experience ever in cutting, gluing an expensive material for the wedding favor.
Oh ya...lupa to name the items :-

Wooden fan with Saree fabric
Candles with holder
Baskets for the flower girl
Ring Pillow
and also the artificial rose petals ( not in the pic )

Fyi, the wedding will be held at the Park Royal Penang.  So my decorated items will be in Penang.  And i've been told that semuanya safely arrived :) ...

Thanks to Kaby & Andreas for the trust given ...

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