Saturday, April 03, 2010

02 April 2010 - Hafeez & Mirza

 MPC's project recently done for the said couple :-
  • Wedding Card & Thank You Tag
  • Wedding Favours
  • Hand Bouquet
Thanks to my sis for the project given and of course thanks for the trust as well.  Was pretty much happy doing it eventho ada la jugak hick ups here and there..Alhamdulillah, job done.

Inviting all of you to browse the outcome :) ...

Here's the Wedding Card .. Envelope type ..

Details of the card - Front

Details of the card - Back
Thanks to my designer for the awesome outcome.

And now the Wedding favors...was assigned to bake sugar cookies and provide heart shape chocolates for 400 pax.

Small size - 50 pax . oh ya..Thank You tag is behind the cookie .. Initial H & M.

In the midst for the royal icing to set ..

The medium size cookies - 350pax inclusive heart shapes chocolates put in a small pouch bag .

The small sugar cookies - being placed in the tea mug..items in the mug - tea bag and sugar cookie ..but didn't have the tea bag with me during the photo taken

For the Main Table - Outstanding Silver casing filled with heart shape chocolates .

Hand Bouquet for the Bride and also the Flower girls....

Above all I'm HAPPPYYYY ....


fei fairuz said...

I ate one of those Hafiz n Mira cookies.. (as a guess la ofcource) sedap, i like it.. :)

Maya Puri Creations said...

thanks for your honest comment :)..i like it too :)