Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favor Cukur Jambul 27th March 2010

Salam all ... I'm pretty much sleepy at the moment actually tapi berbekal kan semangat nak upload kerja mlm tadi yg tak tidor you are...doing specially for Azira @ Linda's new born daughter. Speaking about Linda.. my loyal client i would say. I've been doing her wedding hantaran, favors for her 1st son's cukur jambul, house curtain, her sister's engagement's favors, her sister inlaw's wedding hantaran and now her second kid's cukur jambul ..

Hmm ...Linda dah dua kali buat cukur jambul..Me ? bila ?..heheh...only god know lah...One day..i'll be making mine la pulak kan..opppssss....slipped topic.. take a look of the cute fav for Puteri Dania Ariana Mohd Zaidi .. Crackers filled with choc peanut butter and strawberry peanut butter coated with white chocolate and strawberry choc a cute white pot

In the making ....

Tadaa.... the coated crackers

Puteri Dania Ariana Mohd Zaidi

All in Price : RM15.90
Inclusive : Coated crackers, cute pot, ribbon, flower and personalised thank you tag .

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