Thursday, January 07, 2010

Maya Ribbons

Hi there ...

Looking for nice design / plain ribbons ? check out my collections. Btw, I'm selling by meter. Please let me know in advance to place your order. Btw, I also do have satin ribbon which come in rolls.

    Size : 1cm

 Size : 1cm

                                                                       Size : 0.5 inch

Size : 1cm

                                     Size : 1cm

Size : 1cm

      Size : 0.5cm &1.5cm

Size : 1.6 cm-Burberry
Size : 1cm - Checked
Size: 0.5 - Small Checked

     Size : 0.5cm


amalina said...

hi.comel la these ribbons..bole email me the price of pink polka 1cm tu x?

mizzwaniey said...

how much yer ribbon2 nie suma.. leh bagi quotation price x..

Maya Puri Creations said...

hi amalina & mizzwaniey...nnt i email u the price :)

norhaizan said...

hi email me ribbon price ya..together yg ribbon satin