Friday, January 08, 2010

Erlyna & Fareez 12 December 2009

Million thanks to both Erlyna & Fareez for the trust given :)..
Still remember i got the 1st text from Erlyna..kinda last minute request but alhamdulillah, i do have a space for her ... Do view their both side hantaran and the wedding cake.

Yang paling i suka....hantaran from Fareez adalah my colour - olive green & dusky pink ribbon used...sgt suka...
And both of Erlyna & Fareez sangat lah mesra alam ...macam dah lama kenal. I like the story how they met again after such a long time terpisah...jumpa balik kat trafik lite..Erlyna tgh lintas jalan and betul2 depan kereta Fareez....there you go...Fareez terus mintak contact number ..tup tap tup tap...OK LETS NIKAH ! ...see how smooth & indah nya Allah punya takdir...I was so smiling all the way masa they told me the stories..still smiling till now ...Anyhow congrates to both!

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