Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hantaran - Hanif & Rash

Hantaran - Hanif & Rash
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Hmm long silence huh....been bz all this while. And only today I got a chance to have a word in my blog.

16th till 18th May - away from KL. Was in Kelantan. Attending cousin's wedding and at the same time handling the wedding hantaran with my mother in law.

The trip was fun and pretty tiring as well tho...Had a chance to Rantau Abang..duty free market in Kelantan. Thought of buying few samples to bring back to KL..but the weather was so hot till i can't decide what to get and restless and the place was so crowded with people.

Above all it was a good trip eventhough I had stomach problem ...

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