Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wedding Favor

Wedding Favor
Originally uploaded by mayapuri

Again ..sample for Azreen for her wedding in May 2008.
Alhamdulilah she loves it so i'm doing it for 100pcs...

It's slightly shorter from the normal bunga telor seen in the market ..( of course i'm trying to be different from the rest la kan...hak cipta terpelihara heheh ) ..

And i'm imagining tht peoples holding a small bouquet in their hands walking off from the sweet ceremony..will be nice kan?...

hmmm ..nak berangan lagi la pas nih..:)


Anonymous said...

hi, ni how much ye? for 100 pcs

mayapuri said...

Hi's rm5 each.tq .

Izyan Darling said...

is this still available? kalau ambil 500-600pcs, berapa ringgit? tq.

Maya Puri Creations said...

Salam Izyan Darling

Yes, still available, just might the flowers will not be the same. Shall see if the flowers are still in stock..or can always use some other type of flowers :) .. as for the price, if you are serious in having them then i have to work out on the costing again and do some stock checking depending on what available in stock now :)

let me know if u still interested :) or email me ...tq for dropping by..