Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My 1st entry for the year 2008

OMG !!!...being ages for me to update my blog. Quite awhile huh..:)..
But somehow i do keep my updates up to date in my flickr tho :)..

Anyways...i'm pretty hectic to type in and tell my story telling ..duhhhh...excuses huh!..
What ever it is..Alhamdulillah..hectic means I got work :)'s good to keep urself busy...hope i'm right about that..heheh..

Okay...lets talk about 2008 then..for the past couple of months, alhamdulillah, got quite numbers of deals..My clients were my ex officemates ( recommendation from frens..kira like fren get fren la nih )..and of course still keep in touch with some of my ex officemates la kan...Others were from flickrs viewers, family frens and fren's clients...

Just finished big project last Sunday. Alhamdulillah all went well. Smooth sailing i suppose :)..
And of course a positive compliment from my client.

March 08...was really a hectic month for me..had 4 deals to get done. Inclusive last minute request..luckily managed to do it..:)..really tired but worth it..with a convinced comments and support had flush away my tiredness.

Coming projects will be in May, July, August, November....hmmm still got a few months vacant :).. me anyone ???? :)

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