Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Personalised Tote Bags ( Wedding Series )

Something Loud, Something Personal

Would you like to carry a “Public Announcement” tote bag around ?
Here, let me introduce what I have in store.

The tote bag is made from a Muslin material with wide cotton tape as the strap.
And to make it more personalized ..I have my own handwriting on it. I used brush to write the words with Acrylics Paint .

You may get it as a gift to any of your girl friends who is currently carrying a status as stated on the bag.

Feel proud to carry the bag anywhere you wish… during weekends, travelling or even as a shopping bag.

Since it’s handwritten so it will be one piece one owner masterpiece. Will not see or get exactly the same so that’s the unique of it.

I’m selling it at RM35.00 per piece not including postage. Do let me know via whatsapp at +6019-2057004 or email me at safinaz.yusof@gmail.com to place your order.

Shall come out more with other captions soon.

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