Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maya Puri Creations Wall Deco Items for Sale

As am thinking to expand Maya Puri Creations adding another list to offer to all viewers out there. The Interior and Home Deco description has been sitting too long on my call card and yet to produce the products... But somehow, i can consider decorating wedding rooms, cafe and sewing curtains as an interior task tho..:) .. it just that i'm yet to produce products under Interior and Home Deco.

So, to start with .. Introducing the Wall Deco. Kick start with a small frames and later on with more sizes of frames. Would like to focus more on Fabric collection as Maya Puri Creations's signature.

this is the advertisement in MPC's FB Fan Page

Okay, details as below ..

Happily saying that This set is SOLD ..

this set is SOLD ! Alhamdulillah

Do choose which one you like and MPC shall deliver the items to you ...

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