Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Colourful Wedding of Aiman & Fauziah

Bukit Jalil dated 11 May 2012

Wedding of my brother Aiman with his soulmate Fauziah. Pretty much smooth sailing eventho with hiccups here and there plus with bad traffic at Bukit Jalil due to big event held on the same day same night. Alhamdulillah my brother now officially a husband to Fauziah. Congratulations from all of us the siblings, mak and ayah. Mak & Ayah couldn't attend the important event since mak was still in the hospital and just a few days being discharged from ICU ward. 

As i promised to my brother, i make him the most simplest and colorful wedding ( not so keen to do any extravaganza as to respect our mum's condition ) and the best for him even without mum and ayah around.

The pictures below describes everything ..

Used colorful fabric with fairy lights for the backdrop. Deep pink, fuchsia, green peony and hydrangea for the flower arrangement.
So this is what i meant colorful .. colorful mini garden.

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