Friday, June 03, 2011

Maya Puri Creations in New Straits Times dated Monday 30 May 2011

23rd May 2011, received a call from NST's writter asking permission to do some cover story about Maya Puri Creations. Pretty much on the technology part as how MPC use the technology in getting the work done. Kinda wonder ..i am to small to be interviewed by the giant newspaper in the country. But somehow, the request was accepted with an open heart.

So the interview was held at my place on the next day. Had a good time with the writter Siti Syameen and the photographer ( oh man i forgot his name..but his kinda kelakar jugak la ) ..Started around 1530hrs and finished at almost 1730hrs.

30th May 2011...the article on paper .. i didn't know until received a text from a friend congratulating the appearance..was only able to get the paper in the evening ( was here and there since morning ).

The article in soft copy version :

Thanks Syameen ..

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