Saturday, July 10, 2010

Only for your view :) .. Bunga Pahar

Salam All,

Almost 2 months i didn't update my lil blog..busy with weddings. And been updating only my FB from time to time. Anyhow, i would like to share some pics of my June's projects..special request Bunga Pahar. It's been awhile since i did the last Bunga Pahar project... past 2 years that i can recall hehehhehe ...

So this year my loyal bunga sabun client rang me up to get her brother in law's Bunga Pahar from me. 2 sets this time.. Soap Flower and also the artificial flower. It's sounds tedious but i can't say no to her...heheh..been doing soap flower ever since her sister's & brother's fact her wedding's as well :) . Thanks to her anyway.

Then i got this dip flower Bunga Pahar project from my aunt. Maybe for some people ala biasa jer dip flower but for those in the line sure tahu how "leceh" to get it done. Got to be really sabar. In my case..i bunch of bunga pahar consist of 15 tangkai. so times 100 stalk ..1500 pcs altogether. Cutting, twisting, dipping, assembling ....such a long process to do.

Same goes with the soap flower..transformed the solid soap bar into serpihan kecik2 tu...parut la senang citer. then uli pulak with glue n warm water sikit..till jadi some kind of dough. After that buat lah bunga..but my all time favorites still bunga kecik2 tu...enjoy doing them.

So people do view the pics ...tadaaaaaaa....

Soap Flower

The stage of setting the soap to completely dry.

Okie..ready for pick up...80pcs altogether

Now the Dip Flower

Stage to dry the liquid.

Assembling stage

:) ....

Done ! ... I guess I really need to consider should there be any other request for soap flower or dip flower...
If there's any i will have to charge dearly ! :)

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