Friday, February 12, 2010

'Angpau' envelope & Gift Tag

Have you ever come across a situation where out of the sudden tak ada ' angpau ' envelope or present/gift tag bila pergi majlis perkahwinan ?...tu yang ada kasi bare angpau kat tuan tak proper la pulak kan ?

Hence, in order to ease and overcome the situation...MPC has actually produce the said items. Nak memudahkan lagi get yourselves a few stock...will be easy for future kenduri yang nak diattendkan ? :)...

So, do view the following and place your order ...

Angpau Casing - Olive Green

Gift Tag - Olive Green

 Angpau Casing - Purple

Gift Tag - Purple

'Angpau' casing - Maroon

Gift Tag - Maroon
Minimum quantity : 20 pairs

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