Friday, June 27, 2008

07.06.08 - Dr.Fari & Dr.Shah

07.06.08 - Dr.Fari & Dr.Shah
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Punye la lama nak update blog jer la dpt curi time.
Anyways..early this month ie June 2008 did engagement hantaran for a lovely couple Dr.Fari & Dr.Shah. Simple, nice & sweet basically the concept that they're looking for.

For Fari, she really into polka dots thingy..and yeah she loves to wear polka dots outfit every time we met. Shah pun gila2 was a great venture with both of them. And alhamdulillah they loved my touch.

It comes to my surprise that Fari's mom gave a sincere commentary when i deliver the hantaran. It was the 1st impression she has on me and trust on me ...and it's enuf to make me smile the whole day... :)..

Above all i'm looking forward to work with them again kiranya diberi kepercayaan....

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fari & syah said...

kak fie,thanks for everything.we had great time too!from our mee bandung lunches right up to the engagement day :) looking forward to team up with u again for the wedding