Thursday, March 15, 2007

Get things right ...

Hmm .... been ages I didn't update my mayapuri blog...
As I've now fully work on my own...thus I should have plenty of time to I rite?
But again I still have to find right time and spend a few mins/hr to get my stories updated.

March - A few jobs being assigned to Maya Puri ... alhamdulillah thank to GOD for giving me opportunities and chances..
Yesterday was a great day as I received my payment for the homemade cooking..Was asking to provide morning break, lunch and tea break food for Kid's center in TTDI..for 3 days..not bad huh...this is what I call it rezeki terpijak..
I've another one to do for Kid's center in Ampang..but only for lunch..tomorrow and Saturday.

Will update for next month's schedule later k....
Need to peel of potatoes - for mashed potato tomorrow... be continued

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