Thursday, July 20, 2006

hmmm just finished mopping the house...exhausted betul..

Mommy came to my house @ 2030hrs tadi..nak collect her vitamin c..did story mory about so many things ..well, mainly abt biz.since both of us so called dah own a biz.. :)...
biasala berangan tu tetap my dad always ckp..semua bermula dgn angan 2.

Mommy did remind me abt my dad's chaligraphy nyer's under my scope jugak la tu to advertise ayah nye art work..mmg cantik ...even tak der org yg will have the same masterpiece..sapa yg get from him will be the only one jer yg ada design tu...satu dlm seribu :)..

Will get more photos of his art work....

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